Consultancy is also a natural part of the service and ranges from acting as a sounding board, through full blown training needs analysis to helping customers get to the heart of problems, designing and intervention and then making things happen to resolve the difficulty. This tends to be a bit idiosyncratic. However, the examples below may give some feel for this:

Example 1:

The Chief Executive of a people-focused organisation requested a one-on-one "counselling" session in which issues facing the organisation were explored and his concerns over his ability to handle these were discussed. The ability to act as a non-judgmental listener and sounding board in such situations is paramount.

Example 2:

A management college requested urgent input on the design, production and delivery of three distance-learning packs for an end client. Each pack incorporated a one-hour video and supporting workbook. The task required project management (under very tight time scales), creative flair, leadership and drive. The end customer was highly pleased with the resulting packs and the college gained prestige and credibility as a result.

Example 3:

The Human Resource modules for a year-long diploma programme for manufacturing managers was designed to be assessed to meet academic requirements for an accredited programme. The assessment itself was done using a combination of report and mindmap. The mindmap often revealed a better demonstration of learning than the report, especially with foreign delegates who had language difficulties.

Example 4:

An MD of an engineering company requested process facilitation for an all day strategy meeting with his seven co-directors. We recommended they start the evening before and have dinner together. This not only meant that they were in the correct mindset for the day ahead but it also allowed them to spend a bit of social time together. This turned out to be crucial since they seldom got this opportunity. Consequently, the strategy meeting went much more smoothly than anticipated, to everyone’s surprise. Sometimes small things have big effects!