Development Programs


1. Initial Set Up Stage

  • Initial discussions and meetings to determine the needs
  • Training Needs Analysis involving the targeted participants
  • Identification of company improvement project(s) with direct bottom-line benefit
  • Determining delegate mentors and project clients.

2. Programme Launch

  • Programme tools – study skills, learning aids & presentation skills
  • Project tools – to support any business improvement projects
  • Self-improvement – the psychometric PRISM is used as a vehicle to determine specific individual needs and determine a personal development project.
  • Mentor training where necessary. Mentors are used to support more junior staff or graduates new to the business. This is especially important for engineers where they are encouraged to pursue chartered engineer status.

3. Programme Elements

  • A set of themed modules determined from early discussions and a training needs analysis. The modules link in to the other programme elements.
  • One or two group projects aimed specifically at process improvement with, if possible, a direct bottom-line benefit.
  • Purposeful reading and self-learning. These are book-based assignments. Delegates read and study a best-practice book and then report back to an identified audience on its content and significance to the business.
  • Open forums with senior management aimed at broadening thinking. Can be linked in to the projects, the book-based assignments or to a selected theme relevant to the business.

4. Support Structures

  • The programme manager and tutors provide direct support to the delegates and address problems as they arise. They also receive any assignments.
  • The company mentors provide support to each delegate within the workplace and receive delegate assignments.
  • The delegates themselves are encouraged to support each other and the whole learning process is designed to be collaborative and self-sustaining.Such programmes can be from three to eight months long with an event a month on average. They can be very powerful with long-lasting effects. To ensure this we maintain a constant dialogue with our principle client(s) and feedback regularly.